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Pain When You Deadlift?

All exercises have the ability to hurt your back, however the deadlift is often the primary culprit when it comes to gym exercises - besides when people decide performing squats, pushups, bicep curls and backflips all at the same time on a Bosu ball is a good idea...

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When Should You Visit Your Physiotherapist?

You’ve only got one body, so why don't you start taking care and listening to it the way you should be. A physiotherapist is a bodies best friend, they have the ability to help us reach our personal optimal level of functioning - no matter age or previous issues....

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Muscle Soreness

New to BeFit? Starting to push yourself to training limits you have not done previously? You may experience waking up the next morning feeling like you've aged 40 years, with achey muscles that leave simple tasks like sitting down seemingly impossible. This is normal!...

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Lower Back Pain Myths

Lower back pain affects 80% of Australians during their lifetime, with many of us suffering from issues that affect our daily lives.Over the next few weeks I’m going to deliver my thoughts on back issues. First, let’s start with a few MYTHS: • Back pain is hereditary–...

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Shin Splints

Shin pain can be relentless. Ongoing pain that stops you doing the exercise you love. You’ve probably tried to ‘rest up and hope for the best’, which makes the pain go away, but as soon as you try to get back into training it flares up again - as I said it can be...

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