Muscle Soreness

New to BeFit? Starting to push yourself to training limits you have not done previously?

You may experience waking up the next morning feeling like you’ve aged 40 years, with achey muscles that leave simple tasks like sitting down seemingly impossible.

This is normal! It is called “Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness” or more commonly known as DOMS.

Why do you feel sore after a workout?
Throughout your training session (not that you will be aware of it) – your muscles experience temporary, microscopic tears in the muscle fibres. These tears then recover when we feed our bodies appropriately and during rest, as they repair they strengthen and grow. Inflammation is a result of these microscopic tears, and even though it is not permanent damage it can still cause soreness.

How long do DOMS stick around?
The feeling of tight, sore and stiff muscles can last a few days to even a week or so, depending on the style of training you were doing and how new you are to the movements.

Keep in mind, if this “soreness” is more like a stabbing or acute pain that is leaving you unable to move, you may have an injury rather than delayed muscle soreness. If this is the case please book in to see a physiotherapist. At BeFit you will find the physiotherapists just next door, or feel free to ask for advice from our trainers that are within the gym. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Preventing & Treating DOMS

  • Always participate in the BeFit training warm up. Even if it is 5:15am and you’re half asleep, it is important to warm up your muscles effectively before working out.
  • Massaging your muscles regularly. You will find foam rollers around the BeFit gym, if you need some assistance in how to use them feel free to ask any of our coachers. Also remember to take advantage of the 20 minute sports massage that is available at BeFit Physiotherapy.
  • Staying hydrated
  • Having a rest day or doing a lighter and lower intensity session occasionally. Rest days are important! In fact rest days are crucial to your results.
  • Gradually increase your intensity and duration of your workouts and ensure you are not increasing them too rapidly – this is where our BeFit coaches can easily assist you in adapting a workout to suit you. Or alternatively you can try one of our LIMIT classes to ease your way into the regular BeFit workouts.


The BeFit Physiotherapists are here to help! Book in for a gap free consult today! 

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Nick Hunter

Nick Hunter

Nick Hunter is a physiotherapy based in Adelaide, South Australia. Nick has successfully treated musculoskeletal problems on the basis of a thorough assessment and diagnosis coupled with evidence-based rehabilitation programs tailored to the needs and goals of each individual. To book a consultation, click the link below.

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