The Importance Of Warming Up!

As you know, before each BeFit session you will participate in a 5 minute warm up which has been specifically designed by BeFit Training Physiotherapists.

But why do health and fitness professionals always insist that you perform a warm up prior to participating in a workout? 

Injury Prevention
Warming up is primarily all about getting your body prepared for excessive movement – which in turn reduces the risk of injuries. 
By loosening up your joints and getting blood flow to your muscles, you are making the chances of muscular tears or strains much smaller during your workout. 
Warm ups also have the ability to prepare your bodies reflexes and response times, especially during those early morning sessions where co-ordination is required not long after leaving bed. 

Mental Preparation
It’s all about focus – getting your mind focused on what you’re about to perform and why. During your warm up you have the ability to use that time to go over what movements you’re going to be performing in your head, working out the weights you wish to hit and setting goals for the next 45 minutes of your day. 
Mental preparation can then follow over into your workout for improved technique, coordination and overall skill. 

Improved Blood Flow 
Movement produces blood flow, warming up for 5- 10 minutes before a workout ensures that your skeletal muscles are receiving this added blood flow whilst opening up blood capillaries. Why is this important? Because your blood carries the oxygen your muscles need to function – meaning after a warm up, your muscles will be fired up and properly fuelled for the actual workout. 

Improved Oxygen Efficiency
As much as you may hate those block lap warm ups, they are great for you! When you perform a warm up, oxygen is released from your blood more readily. Your muscles require more oxygen whilst exercising, so it is important to make said oxygen as available as possible, as early on as possible. 

Reduces Shock To The System 
Performing a warm up before a hard workout allows your body to steadily increase the heart rate and breathing level so that it can meet the demands of your workout. Jumping straight into an intense workout with no lead up can place unnecessary stress on the heart and body – hence injuries! 

Use your warm ups to improve your workouts, prepare your body and prevent injuries! 

If you find yourself skipping those warm ups and getting an injury or alternatively wanting some guidance on extras you should be performing for your specific body and injury history, be sure to book in with one of our BeFit Training Physiotherapists.
The team is always happy to assist! 

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Nick Hunter

Nick Hunter

Nick Hunter is a physiotherapy based in Adelaide, South Australia. Nick has successfully treated musculoskeletal problems on the basis of a thorough assessment and diagnosis coupled with evidence-based rehabilitation programs tailored to the needs and goals of each individual. To book a consultation, click the link below.

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