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At BeFit Training Physiotherapy Adelaide, we’re experts in optimising health. We work with anyone experiencing physical pain or limitation – 

> from professional athletes to weekend warriors;
> from injury recovery to arthritis prevention
> paediatric and adolescent sports injuries;
> from post-surgery patients and others who have experienced life-altering events

We’ll help you to reach your own personal level of ‘optimum health’ – unique to your body. Our team are highly professional with years of experience, solving a range of physical ailments and issues.

Nick Hunter

Head Physiotherapist

APA Physiotherapist
Bach. Physiotherapy

Nick is a fully registered Physiotherapist and a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA). Nick’s Physiotherapy journey started on the sporting field, were he played high level cricket and football. Nick’s love of sport lead him down the path of wanting to work with athletes and people that love to exercise. This was a platform for Nick to create a physiotherapy practice with a difference & that difference, was absolute excellence 100% of the time, attention to customer service, detail, & excellence in physiotherapy.

Nick Hunter is a highly skilled physiotherapist. You can be assured that when you see Nick, your complaint will be thoroughly assessed, and he will use the most appropriate and up to date techniques to treat your problem. Nick’s treatment will always be governed by research. He is constantly analysing the results of the most recent clinical trials so that you can receive the most up to date treatment, helping you to get better sooner. Nick only ever uses evidenced based and clinically proven treatment techniques. Nick is also a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Nick is very time aware and prides himself on seeing his patients on time. With a history of treating and servicing busy professionals, he respects your time and does his best not to keep you waiting. Nick has always had a passion for Strength and Conditioning and not only works with clients on their journey to recovery but facilities many elite athletes on their sporting journey.

Nick has:

10 years combined study & clinical experience in physiotherapy
Worked with both the elite athlete & ‘weekend warrior’
Had great success in treating:

– Acute sporting injuries

– Overuse running, cycling & swimming injuries

– Post operative shoulders, hips, knees and ankles

– Complex neck & back cases.

– Headaches, migraines, TMJ and Jaw issues

– Chronic Sports Physiotherapy cases

Gym related issues
From Nick you can expect:

A good listener, great customer service and follow up, time spent in assessment phase, plenty of ‘hands on’ physio, exercise and a solution to your problem.

Teri Schubert

Senior Physiotherapist

APA Physiotherapist
Bach. Exercise and Sports Science
Masters of Physiotherapy


Teri has always been an active person who understands the importance of moving her body often. Having played Premier League netball for five years, and currently co-captain of the Metro Jets state league team, Teri knows the importance of prevention and management of injuries that can hinder anyone from an elite sportsman, to the 9-5 office worker and everything in between.

Not only a love for sport, but also a genuine passion for helping people from all walks of life, gave Teri a push into the Physiotherapy and Pilates realm. She completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science and went on to complete a Master of Physiotherapy.

Teri has experience dealing with a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. She makes sure her patients receive well-rounded and effective treatment which to her involves a thought-out diagnosis and an optimal management plan to prevent relapses in the future.

Teri enjoys broadening her knowledge in many areas of Physiotherapy and strives to obtain excellent skills in order to be able to help and care for a widespread population. Since graduating, Teri has completed three dry-needling courses, and is now an expert in applying these skills into practice. She has also completed courses in the McKenzie method of lower back assessment and treatment, advanced taping courses, and functional strength and conditioning.

Teri has 3 years of Clinical Pilates experience, and understands the major benefits of developing a solid core foundation in order to advance through compound movements.

With an excellent knack for getting along with pretty much anyone, Teri enjoys finding connections with people and using her genuine interest and care for people’s wellbeing to develop successful management plans for her patients.Teri has had great success treating:
– Lower back conditions
– Post operative; hip, knees, ankles, shoulders
– Neck and back, including headaches
– Acute sporting injuries
–  Ongoing gym or sporting conditions
–   Assisting chronically unwell people to train and improve their physical health to the best of their ability

With her kind and caring nature, Teri always provides detailed assessment, quality hands-on treatment, necessary exercise prescription and patient-centred care, along with a positive attitude and determination to help you reach your goals.

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